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Become a Utah Reads Reading Tutor

Applications Now Open! 

Priority Deadline: Sunday, August 21st. 

Job Summary

Utah Reads Tutors work with children aged prekindergarten through sixth grade in the development of basic reading skills. Children receiving tutoring perform below their expected academic level. Tutors collaborate with their team leader and site teachers to better assess the children’s needs and to determine effective ways to address those needs.

Tutors work with selected children one-on-one to help them experience success in intellectual tasks related to literacy. Tutoring sessions utilize resources and lesson plans taught in trainings. Tutors may also work under the supervision of a teacher to assist groups of children in completing tasks such as homework and independent reading.

The central goal is for children to learn tools that help them problem-solve and achieve success on their own. Tutors are encouraged to build a mentoring relationship with the children and share the joy and value of learning. This increases a child’s self-motivation to continue to grow academically.

To ensure progress, tutors work with the same children frequently and consistently (i.e. two or more times per week) in at least 30 minute tutoring sessions.


Training: Utah Reads tutors must be available Friday afternoons 2:00pm-5:30pm for orientation, trainings, and site meetings as needed. New tutors are required to attend all trainings in their first year as a tutor. Upon return, tutors serving additional academic years are required to attend any new trainings, and encouraged to repeat others.

Transportation: Tutors must be willing and able to provide their own transportation to and from their assigned community site.

Scheduling: Tutors set their own regular weekly schedules within the available tutoring hours of the partnering site. This gives tutors the opportunity to arrange their work hours around their academic and personal commitments. At a minimum, tutors must work 2 days a week with a total of 4-19 hours a week. Tutoring sites are generally open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

If becoming an AmeriCorps member, tutors are required to commit to a minimum of 9 hours each week.

Consistency: Consistent, ongoing support is crucial for the children and teachers involved in Utah Reads. Tutors commit to serving with Utah Reads for at least one semester and are expected to honor that term.

Community Partnership: Tutors are expected to be role models for the children at all times by complying with all of the rules of the partner site. Conduct guidelines will be described in orientations and may include site rules, dress code, safety procedures, etc.

Pay Information

Paid Hourly with Work Study Funds ($15.00 – 15.75/hour)

Tutors must qualify for work-study funding. Tutors are paid hourly for all of the time dedicated to the success of the community partner site and the program. Tutor wages begin at $13.00/hour and can be increased after each semester. An increased starting wage is available to graduate students.

Getting an Education Award with AmeriCorps ($1,300)

AmeriCorps at the Bennion Center supports students that are highly dedicated to community service, involvement, and engagement. The smallest term requires completion of 300 hours (with fall and spring semesters being 16 weeks, that’s roughly 9 hours per week). Successful completion of any term will result in an award that can be applied towards any educational expenses (past, current, or even future). AmeriCorps terms are also available to those earning hourly wages through work-study.

Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma, or equivalency; demonstrated human relations and effective communication skills are required.

The incumbent will be required to pass a Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) Background check. Applicants must demonstrate the potential ability to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description.

This is a work-study position, students must have been awarded a Federal Work-Study Award for the current year. Please login to CIS and go to the Finance/Financial Aid section to view your Financial Aid Status. Before hire, this employer will confirm that you have received a Federal Work-Study Award for the current year.


Contact or call (801) 585-9101.

Last Updated: 8/14/22