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Looking for a short-term service commitment? Here’s a list of opportunities that might fit your interests. Contact the community partner directly for more information or to apply.

If you would like your call for volunteers to be listed here, please email a 40-word summary, including contact information, to We look forward to working with you!



Date Posted: 2/1/2021

Location: Utah


Contact: Contact Meghann at

Description: Seeking volunteers to join the attorneys, social workers and other professional in reuniting families under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court. Volunteers would join the child and family team, attend monthly or quarterly meetings and assist with supervising visits between children in foster care and their parents. Visits will occur in public places within the community. Volunteers must be 18 years old or older and pass a background check. Visits will be set at the volunteer's convenience, ideally occurring every week for 1-2 hours or more. Contact Meghann at

Date Posted: 2/17/2021

Location: University of Utah

Date(s): Mid March

Contact: To sign up, please contact Mae Goodjohn at Please add “interview” to the subject line.

Description: Stakeholders at the University of Utah are exploring the possibility of a first-year outdoor orientation program for incoming students. The first-year transition to university life can be challenging for many students. Research on outdoor orientation programs has shown that they can provide incredible benefits to students and help ease difficulties that can come with starting college. In order to gain more insight on the first-year experience at the University of Utah, a U of U graduate student will be conducting interviews with students about their experience during their first year. The purpose of this work is to give insight into the development of a meaningful program for first year students.

What does participation entail?

      1. Online survey: You will be asked to complete an online survey about your demographics such as your age and year in college. The survey should take less than five minutes to complete.
              a. The survey will be emailed to you by the research coordinator and will need to be completed prior to your scheduled interview time.

      2. Interview: The purpose of the Zoom interview will be to understand your first year at the University of Utah. You will be asked to allot 30 minutes of your time for the interview.
              a. The researcher will email you to schedule an interview time. The interviews will be held from February 12th to March 18th .

      3. Gift card drawing: Participants will be entered into a drawing for the opportunity to win a $100 Amazon gift card.
              a. The drawing will take place after the last interviews are held. You will receive an email by the end of March with the results.

This will conclude by mid March.

Date Posted: 2/1/2021

Location: Dual Immersion Academy1155 Glendale Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Date(s): Monday through Thursday 3-6 p.m. and Fridays 1-6 p.m

Contact: Susie at

Description: Dual Immersion Academy is a public charter school with a mission of providing an academically rigorous curriculum in a supportive, nurturing environment to prepare students to become Spanish-English bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural. We are looking for volunteers to help lead fun enrichment activities or help our participants with academic tutoring for our K-8th grade students. We are open Monday through Thursday 3-6 p.m. and Fridays 1-6 p.m. Contact Susie at

Date Posted: 2/4/2021

Location: Shriners Hospitals for Children— Salt Lake City 1275 East Fairfax Road Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Date(s): Volunteer shifts are 2-3 hours on the same day of each week, subject to availability. We ask for a minimum of 50 cumulative hours from student volunteers.

Contact: or (801)-536-3711

Description: To keep our hospital safe from the coronavirus, we screen all employees, volunteers, patients, and parents for COVID-19-related symptoms. By taking temperatures, providing hand-sanitizer, and asking symptom questions, screeners are the first line of defense against the virus entering the building. If you think you might be available for one to several hours per week to screen, we’d love your assistance—many hands make light work! Availabilities Monday-Friday, 8 AM- 4 PM. Please contact us if you’re interested in helping out—we’ll work with your schedule! Training will be provided.

Date Posted: 2/15/21


Date(s): March and April


Description: State Update: We will need to inject 300-400K vaccinations per week in March and April. In order for this happen there is a huge call for volunteers (both those who are licensed medical professionals, and those who are willing to provide non-medical support). This is a statewide effort…and volunteers can explore opportunities and sign up here:

      • Support from Licensed medical professionals including:
        • Physicians
        • Nurse Practitioners
        • Physician Assistants
        • Pharmacists, Pharmacy Interns, Pharmacy Technicians
        • Pharmacist Preceptors for Vaccinations (pharmacist who is associated with a College of Pharmacy)
        • RNs and LPNs
        • Temporary Graduate Nurses and Temporary Registered Nurse Apprentices
        • Medical Assistants
        • Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA’s)
        • Medication Aide-Certified Personnel
        • Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Licensed Personnel
        • Certified Nurse Midwife licensed under Chapter 44a, Nurse Midwife Practice Act
        • Respiratory Therapist licensed under Chapter 57, Respiratory Care Practices Act
        • Dentist licensed under Chapter 69, Dentist and Dental Hygienist Practice Act
        • Dental Hygienist licensed under Chapter 69, Dentist and Dental Hygienist Practice Act
        • Podiatric Physician licensed under Chapter 5a, Podiatric Physician Licensing Act
        • Optometrist licensed under Chapter 16a, Utah Optometry Practice Act
        • Physical Therapist licensed under Chapter 24b, Physical Therapy Practice Act
        • Physical Therapist Assistant licensed under Chapter 24b
        • Physical Therapy Practice Act, 
        • Occupational Therapist licensed under Chapter 42a Occupational Therapy Practice Act
        • Occupational Therapy Assistant licensed under Chapter 42a, Occupational Therapy Practice ActUtah Vaccine website:
        • Here is some additional vaccine information:
    • Past week over 100K vaccinated to get to 472K (both doses)
      1. Will need to get to 300-400K a week in March and April
    • 89% of persons in long term care facilities are vaccinated
    • All available vaccines are being utilized each week
    • 70+ … more than 49% are receiving first dose
    • Addtl 4200 first doses each week come from Fed
    • Distributing to Smiths and Walmarts, and to certain community health centers that support historically marginalized folks.
    • J&J requested approval for FDA… 2 week time



Date Posted:






Last Updated: 3/2/21