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Bennion Service House

614 Officers Circle

Bennion Service House residents work together to foster community and lifelong civic engagement among students living in the residence halls through action, dialogue, education, and outreach. The Service House residents promote an environment of support, respect, friendship, diversity, and learning within the Service House and the greater community. —Written by the Residents of the Service House in its 1st year, February 2005

Service House Resident Activities

The Service House Dialogues are the heart of programming for this living learning community, providing unique opportunities for residents and student attendees to examine their civic engagement and gain a deeper understanding of community issues, resources and opportunities for involvement.

Residents are involved in planning each Service House Dialogue, which includes selecting and researching dialogue topics, collaborating with community guest speakers, outreach and general event planning. Participation is required for all residents. Residents plan around three dialogues a year. Please check the Bennion Center Calendar for exact dates.

Local children participate in a Halloween carnival and safe trick-or-treating event. Residents decorate the house and plan activities for the event. The event is hosted in collaboration with the College of Social Work in October.

Participation at each Saturday Service Project is required of all residents.  The Saturday Service Projects are held the third Saturday of the month from 9am to 12pm and locations vary each month. Special assignments are given for Legacy of Lowell in September and MLK Day of Service in January.

These include program specific events planned by the residents and RA of the Service House. Officer's Circle events are planned by all Officer's Circle RAs.

Residents help determine the date and time of monthly meetings usually held on the first Tuesday of the month in the evening. Bennion Center Staff Partner brings delicious treats!

Last Updated: 7/28/21