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Bennion Scholars Leadership Team


Anahy Salcedo | Lead Coordinator

Hi! My name is Anahy Salcedo (she/her/hers) and I am the Lead Coordinator for the Scholars Leadership Team this year. I am a fourth-year student studying Kinesiology with a minor in Chemistry and I hope to pursue a career in the nonprofit sector focused on education. I got involved with Bennion Scholars after my first year in college, it has been a place where I’ve found people who share the same passion to make a change. My capstone project is with Science in the Parks, it is essentially a free accessible science camp on the west side of Salt Lake City. I have had the opportunity to work with amazing faculty and community partners and I would have never been able to do this without the Scholars program.

Ben Bolingbroke | Events Coordinator

Hi! My name is Ben Bolingbroke and I am the Events Coordinator for the Bennion Scholars Program. I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering. In my free time, I enjoy being with my family and friends. I really like to wake board and eat water melon, sometimes simultaneously. People might find it interesting that I actually enjoy waking up early in the mornings. My favorite Bennion Center memory is doing a service project at the Maliheh Free Clinic. Although I was only scrubbing desks and walls, I still felt like the small piece of service I was giving was going a long ways.

Katrina Le | Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Hello! My name is Katrina Le and I'm a current junior pursuing an Honors Chemical Engineering degree! I got involved with the Bennion Scholars Program because it's a wonderful program to work with incredible people, do service, and work on your own service project! I hope to graduate and finish my capstone by Spring of 2022!

Lauren Harvey | Mentorship & Capstone Coordinator

I am the Mentorship and Capstone Coordinator on the Scholars Leadership Team. I help students that are currently working on their Capstone Projects find community withia the Bennion Center and support them as much as possible while they work to complete this massive project. I applied for this role because I am currently working on my own Capstone Project and I know how important having support and a community while working on this project is. I wanted to make sure that every student in the Scholars program has the tools they need to be successful. My specific role is important because it helps Bennion Scholars feel supported, which increases the likelihood of them completing their Capstone. The Bennion Scholars program as a whole is important because it gives students a pathway to make meaningful and lasting change in the Salt Lake community.  I got involved with the Bennion Center because my mentor in another organization told me about the Bennion Scholars program and I just dove right in. I love the Bennion Center because of how kind it is. My personal motto is “treat people with kindness” and the Bennion Center embodies that not only with fellow students in the Bennion Center, but also across campus and out in the community. My favorite thing to do in my free time is to register people to vote and follow local politics. I also like to listen to music and repeatedly tell my friends how great Harry Styles is.

Nick Galloway | Partnership & Assessment Coordinator

My name is Nicholas Galloway and I am currently the Partnership and Assessment Coordinator. I am a first year transfer student from Salt Lake Community College. I am studying Business in the Eccles School of Business. I got involved with Bennion Scholars after my experience with the Thayne Center at SLCC. I knew I wanted to continue to find a community that shares the same passion of making a difference in our Community. I am still planning my Capstone project and plan to start it in the Summer of 2021! As a first year student at the U, the Scholars program has provided me with support I needed. 

Tayla Chiang | Co-Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator

My name is Tayla Chiang (she, her, hers) and currently the Co-Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator. I am in my second year pursuing a Biology degree and minors in Chemistry and Psychology. After my undergrad, I hope to be accepted into an MD-PhD program. With this dual degree, I will be able to combine my love for medicine with research. I got involved with the Bennion Scholars during my first year. I began my involvement in thr Bennion Center by being a part of the First-Year Service Corp. I have a strong passion for medicine and research and I hope to spread my love of it through my capstone project. During my free time, I enjoy long-distance running, hiking, exercising, and anything that lets me be outside.

Danny Bae | Co-Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator

Hi! My name is Danny Bae and I am one of the Outreach and Recruitment Coordinators for the Bennion Scholars Program. I am obtaining my PhD in Biology.

Megan Medina | Bennion Scholars Program Manager

Hello! My name is Megan Medina (she/her/hers) and I am the Bennion Scholars Program Manager. As staff at the Bennion Center, you can visit me in the office or make an appointment to ask any questions you might have about the program. When I am not at the job I love, I am loving life in the mountains – hiking, snowboarding, travelling, and playing with my two wonderful pups (Scone and Koda).

Last Updated: 3/24/21