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Purpose and Vision

The Bennion Center Scholars Program is designed for students who crave intellectual and personal challenges and for students who are, or want to become, actively involved in their communities.

The program is academically rigorous and personally challenging, enhancing both academic learning and community service experiences.  As Bennion Center Scholars, students address real community issues by working with and learning from people with pressing needs. Personal and academic knowledge deepens as students critically reflect on their civic participation in a society of great strengths and vulnerabilities.

Students are supported in applying their academic learning to meet real community concerns and in developing leadership and organizational skills useful for future civic engagement.  Through the integration of service and learning, the Bennion Center Scholars program fosters a sense of hope and commitment to alleviate suffering and confront injustice. Bennion Center Scholars stand out as leaders who strive to impact their communities for the better.


Civic Competencies

In the Bennion Center Scholars program participants will acquire and will be assessed on the development of several key Civic Competencies. They  are a set of defined behaviors, practices, and cognitive abilities that enable the individual to be an effective influencer in positive community change. to better help them in strengthening their capacity to make a positive impact in their communities and the world.

These Civic Competencies are:

Civic Skills

Abilities developed and utilized to influence positive community change

Civic Awareness

A cognizance of the interconnectedness among individuals, society, and systems.

Civic Habits

Regular behavior related to community engagement.

Civic Values

The desires and beliefs related to social responsibility.


Program Pre-Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Must have a 3.0 overall GPA.
  • Must have two FULL academic years left until graduation.
  • Must complete the entire application: which includes essay questions, one letter of recommendation, and a copy of your transcript.

Applications accepted year-round.

Please contact Megan Richards (801-585-3297) for more information.



Last Updated: 12/18/17