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Justice Workshops

Attendance at a Justice & Diversity Workshop is required for all Alternative Breaks participants prior to departure. Concepts of power, privilege, identity, and difference are explored throughout each training. The purpose of this training is to prepare participants to interact with each other and diverse communities on their week-long or weekend adventure!

Student participants must self-select which training they feel best fits their previous experience and knowledge. Once a student participant is offered a spot on an AB trip, the Admin Team will email out a link to register for one of the trainings.

Foundations of Justice

Foundations of Justice is an introductory session which familiarizes students with basic Social Justice and diversity concepts, allows exploration of their personal identities and experiences, and introduces the concept of privilege. If these terms are new to you, don't worry! Students who have had little to no cultural awareness/diversity/inclusion training should select this option.

Practical Applications of Justice 

Practical Applications of Justice is an intermediate session which assumes students are familiar with concepts such as social identity, privilege, and oppression, have explored their own social identity, and are comfortable talking about how race, language, ability, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. impacts their interaction with others and with communities at large.  This session will delve into how our personal identities will interact with those in the communities we will be visiting, looking at existing power structures, and exploring community impact through a lens informed by Social Justice.

If you have been selected to participate on a Spring 2019 Alternative Breaks experience, register for your Justice Workshop!

Questions? Contact Justin Swanger and place "Justice Workshop'' in the subject line.

Last Updated: 5/29/19