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Frequently Asked Questions

BENN 2929

It is an asynchronous class taken (1-3 credits) that is based on the requirements of your Alternative Break experience alongside a couple of additional reflections,

Yes, this course is identical to registering/paying for your semester credit courses.

Yes, this course is like any other class.

After you receive notification about your Alternative Break, you can request a permission code!


Break Logistics

Transportation, lodging, and meals are the main amenities provided to participants. Each break varies on specific items provided depending on the needs of each individual experience; however, the main necessities will be provided!

Transportation is provided through driving in designated vehicles. Drivers will be alternated throughout the break. Lodging varies for each break (e.g. Airbnb, camping, hostels, etc.)

Alongside full-week breaks, we offer AB Lite (free, local, & no overnight) or weekend breaks that are 2-3 days long. These would be great options if you are unable to commit to a full-week long break!

Please refer to this sample packing list below! Some breaks may require additional items (i.e. personal camping supplies). Your leadership team will provide you with a specific packing list for your break. 
Suggested Packing List (1)

Suggested Packing List (2)

We are happy to work with any participant with needed accommodations. Please refer to the Access & Inclusion page on our website!

Please refer to this sample itinerary below! Although all breaks have different itinerary schedules, this is a general outline of what a week on an Alternative Break experience looks like.

Sample Alternative Break Itinerary (Day 1)

Sample Alternative Break Itinerary (Day 2)

Sample Alternative Break Itinerary (Day 3)

Sample Alternative Break Itinerary (Day 4)

Sample Alternative Break Itinerary (Day 5)

Sample Alternative Break Itinerary (Day 6)

Sample Alternative Break Itinerary (Day 7)

Sample Alternative Break Itinerary (Day 8)



Yes, Alternative Breaks have costs that vary depending on each individual break. These costs are highly discounted and cover the majority of break amenities!

Yes! There is a financial aid application found on our website and break application. It is a short application that allows applying students an opportunity to have financial support to pay for their break.

Yes, please contact the graduate assistant, Danny Rhodes ( for further details


For any questions regarding the content of this page, please contact Ann Lopez, Alternative Breaks Program Coordinator.
Last Updated: 9/21/23