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Community Partner Proposal

Dear Prospective Community Partner (CP):

Thank you for your interest in working with the University of Utah’s Lowell Bennion Community Service Center through Student-Directed Programs (SDP). Our student-directed programs are one of the many ways you can partner with us. Please read the brief outlines below to learn more about all of the collaborative opportunities we offer involving Bennion Center students.

Our student-directed programs are organized into six issue areas:  Arts & Recreation, Education and Advocacy, Health and Ability, International, Social Justice and Sustainability and Food Justice. Please complete our application if you think the Bennion Center’s student-directed programs are a good fit for your organization. A committee will review your completed application within two weeks of receipt. A member of the committee will contact you during the review and selection process if further information is needed regarding your application.

Our strongest applications include a student, already involved with your organization, who is interested in serving as the founding program director. If you do not already have an interested student and your application is accepted, we will post the director opening and attempt to fill the position for you. This process can be lengthy: finding the right student leader for your program can take time.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and the big push to recruit new leaders begins in February.

Thank you for considering the Bennion Center for your volunteer needs. If we may be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Staff Partners,

BobbiJo Kanter 801-585-9103

Bryce Williams 801-581-8436

Eric Nhem 801-585-1508

If You Answer “Yes” to Each Question Below, Please Proceed with Application

  1. Does the SDP focus specific action on a clearly identified need in the community (that is not being fully met at the present time) and directly relates to the community partner’s (CP) mission?
  2. Is the SDP manageable in terms of cost, time, capabilities of available personnel and desired volunteer skills?
  3. Is the CP familiar with the University of Utah’s academic calendar and ready to anticipate a decrease in volunteer engagement during school break and exam periods?
  4. Does CP provide volunteers with an opportunity to carry out significant tasks and to engage in meaningful work?
  5. Does the CP provide community impact metrics each year?
  6. Does the CP meet with the BC team at least three times per year to create and review the Community Partner Agreement?
  7. Does the CP comply with risk and liability standards and assure safety of all volunteers.

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Last Updated: 6/12/19