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The Magic of Service

Every year Officer’s Circle turns into Officer’s Hollow – a safe trick or treating event free and open to all children and families. Each of the 10 houses in Officer’s Circle pick a theme and create the ultimate Halloween experience by decorating the houses floor to ceiling, while the College of Social Work puts together the event and coordinates the carnival-style booths on the lawn. Various campus departments and students came together to make this day special and memorable for the 1,000 kids who attended the event this year!


 This year, the Bennion Service House brought the magic of Disney to the event by providing the kids a Disneyland experience. The residents thoughtfully created their version of Fantasy Land, Water Land and Adventure Land so the kids could meet their favorite characters and play fun games. Check out some of the decorations and what the residents have to say about their experience!


“To come together as a community and take time out of our busy schedules to plan, decorate and make activities made this experience so unique. We live with each other, so having that relationship made the process so much more special. The smiles on the kid’s faces made every minute worth it and I am so glad that we had this opportunity. It was so fun!”


“Officers Hollow was an amazing experience. I didn’t have any idea of what to expect going into it, but I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate. The kids that came through seemed to be in awe. I loved watching the exchange of smiles from the families and residents. It showed me that all of our efforts of planning and decorating were worth it. Just to create 1 positive memory for a child was enough. I loved seeing the community welcomed into each house on the circle. “


“Officers Hollow reminded me that we aren’t here to just live and spend time within the walls of the house. We are here to reach out to our community and to bring people together. I think this is a very powerful and wonderful tradition and I’m so glad it’s now a part of my college experience here at the U.”


The Bennion Center is extremely grateful for the dedicated Service House residents and everyone in the community who made this possible!

The next event volunteer opportunity is the November Saturday Service Project on November 18, 2017, which will be focused on Homelessness and Hunger issues. Sign up to volunteer here!


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