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Kronos Training

Time Commitment: 15 minutes

 Requirement Details: Required for new employees only. Must be completed during first month of working.


  1. Complete the "Timecard Timestamp, View and Approval" training. 
    • NOTE: If you have another job on campus, you will need to also complete the Multiple Job Selection training. 
  2. Complete the following training topics:
    • Non-Exempt Payroll Policy Highlights
    • Access Kronos, View My Information & Use My Timestamp
    • Missed Punches
    • Early, Late In, and Late Out
    • Meetings and Education
    • Approve your Timecard
  3. Send a screenshot of the menu page to Asma ( 


Driver Training

Time Commitment: 30 minutes

Requirement Details: Required for every employee, volunteer, or affiliate of the U that will be/might be driving as a part of their affiliation—specifically to/from your community partner site. Must be renewed at least every two years.


  1. Visit the State's Division of Risk Management website:
  2. Either sign in or create a new account (using the “Sign Up Here” button) in order to complete the training.
    • Use keyword “uou” to create a new account
  3. Complete test. The website will not automatically submit your test results to the BC team. You must submit the Driver's Test Completion Form below.
    • You must receive 80% or higher to pass. NOTE: You may take the test as many times as necessary.
  4. Submit Driver's Test Completion Form:


Youth Protection Training

Time Commitment: 60 minutes

Requirement Details: Required for every Utah Reads employee, volunteer, or affiliate. Must be completed during the first month of working. Must be renewed at least every three years.


If you are a Utah Reads employee (you have received work study and have been hired by the U through the Utah Reads program)…

  1. Follow this link to the Bridge site:
  2. Log in with your CIS credentials
  3. Click on the tab on the upper left side labeled “Learning Library”
  4. Search for and click on the “Safety of Minors Policy Training”
  5. The course opens in a new window and you will need to allow pop-ups that may get blocked by your browser
  6. Email Asma ( a copy of your certificate. 


If you are an AmeriCorps member or Volunteer

  1. Email YPPS ( your Full Name and Email Address
  2. YPPS will send you an individual link to the online training and temporary login information
  3. Email Asma ( a copy of your certificate.

Last Updated: 6/7/19