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Requirements & Expectations

  • Propose and carry out a Capstone Project that meets a community-identified need, relates to the Scholar’s academic area, and creates a sustainable impact
  • Complete a total of 300 hours of community engagement
    • A minimum of 100 hours will go toward your Project 
  • If the Scholar cannot complete the Capstone Project for any reason, the student will notify the Community Partner, Faculty Mentor, and Bennion Center staff within one week.

  • Participate in the project planning process to ensure it meets a community-identified need, can be self-sustaining, and is tied to the Scholars academic experience
  • Provide feedback on the Scholars Capstone proposal
  • Providing the needed support and framework for the Scholar to complete their project

  • Support development and implementation of a sustainable capstone project
  • Ensure project meets an identified community need and will require 100 hours of the Bennion Scholars time to complete
  • Before the project can be implemented, each scholar will conduct a literature review and propose a project to the Bennion Scholars Committee

Capstone Project Examples

Ayana Amaechi

Honors Biology, Minors in Chemistry & Pediatric Clinical Research

Integrated a collegiate perspective into a mental health platform titled, Well-Being Elevated. Facilitated support groups and connected with peers directly to ensure their voices were included.


Assisted with developing a better facilitation strategy and mode to support group interactions.


Helped highlight the significance of partaking in research for communal well-being.

Indigo Mason

Political Science, Health Society and Policy

Collaborated with health educators at the Center for Student Wellness and faculty mentor Dr. Jessica Sanders to pilot a free delivery program for safer sex supplies.


Collaborated in the creation of marketing materials, assisted with the development of survey instruments, and guided through the program evaluation.


Provided insight into the emerging research and supported the development of a program toolkit.

Anahy Salcedo

Kinesiology, Minor in Chemistry

Created a student organization called Science in the Parks which provides accessible science experiences to underserved youth in the west side of Salt Lake.


Helped build relationships with other community partners as well as an amazing thought partner for programming.


Helped generate science activities, conducted facilitation trainings, and provided tip & tricks about teaching science.

Advice from Past Partners

  • “Set up regular (but not too frequent!) meetings with your student to keep informed on their progress and provide timely input” 
  • “I would advise new Mentors that it is a wonderful investment of their time and skills. I never felt like I was being taken advantage of, nor asked to over commit myself…”
  • “Help students set realistic goals before they start their projects.”

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Last Updated: 6/8/21