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Capstone Project Requirements

The project must meet a community-identified need and respond to the requests of those being served. The needs and reactions of those served must be continually considered as the project is implemented.

The project should promote self-sufficiency from — as opposed to dependence upon — the Bennion Scholar. The project should provide sustainable impact for the Community Partner. 

The student must design a Capstone related to their major and/or minor. The student must be able to articulate how the project allows them to integrate knowledge from their academic work with their service experiences.

Current Projects

Lauren Harvey

Political Science and Ethnic Studies major

For my Capstone Project, I am developing an implicit bias training for the Utah Sentencing Commission to use with prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges. This will hopefully help to decrease the impact that race has on sentencing and reduce sentencing disparities in the state of Utah. 

Community Partner

Utah Sentencing Commission

Faculty Mentor

Kilo Zamora, Gender Studies

Aarushi Rohaj

Biology/Pre-Med major

For my Capstone Project, Harmonic Healing at Hope Lodge, I am organizing a music program for cancer patients at Hope Lodge. This will hopefully help alleviate the daily stresses of the residents. 


Hope Lodge


Greg Bulaj, Medicinal Chemistry


Past Projects

Bridget Dorsey

Biology and Health, Society, and Policy major

For my Capstone Project, I am establishing a pediatric ostomy support group. This will provide resources and peer support for young people who have had or will have ostomy surgery and their caretakers.


Primary Children’s Hospital


Dr. Lezlie Frye, Gender Studies

Chelsea Li

Biology and Health, Society, and Policy major

For my Capstone Project, I am addressing the social disparities that exist in the community and develop reports that share information about these factors. This will increase ways of interconnectedness of local organizations and institutions with University of Utah Health clinics. 


RyLee Curtis


Dr. Laurence Parker, Educational Leadership & Policy

MaryJo Dalton

Social Work major

For my Capstone Project, I am working to address loneliness on campus. I was inspired to do this project from the way that my professor taught his class.


Center for Student Wellness


Rich Landward, Social Work

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Last Updated: 3/24/21