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Required Forms

The Bennion Center must have a completed Participant Agreement by February 8, 2019 for all Spring 2019 Alternative Breaks participants. Optional driver training certification is also due on February 8, 2019.

  1. Alternative Breaks Participant Agreement.
    • This agreement comes in an electronic format and is located here: AB Participant Agreement. ALL participants that have been placed on an AB trip roster must complete this agreement.
    • Medical Insurance: While medical insurance is not required to participate in Alternative Breaks, it is strongly encouraged. Students are required to report any medical insurance coverage they currently have in preparation for any medical emergencies while on their trip. Please contact Justin Swanger with any questions or concerns.
    • "Community Health" Vancouver International Insurance: As a required by the University of Utah, any students traveling internationally must purchase international health insurance in addition to any regular medical coverage they may have. CISI provides short term international health insurance for $34. Students must provide proof of international insurance to Justin Swanger prior to trip departure.

Driver's Test

*PARTICIPANTS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DRIVE AND PROVIDE A LICENSE - ASSISTANCE WITH DRIVING VANS IS OPTIONAL.* The Alternative Breaks Program encourages mature, responsible, and experienced drivers to help with driving to sites. Please contact your site leader if you are interested in driving. If you have been cleared to drive by your site leader and staff partner, you will need to take the following driver's test module.

  1. Visit the State's Division of Risk Management website.
  2. Create a new account (using the “Sign Up Here” button) in order to complete the training.
    1. Use keyword “uou” to create a new account
  3. Complete test. The website will not automatically submit your test results to the AB team so must submit the Driver's Test Completion Form below. You must receive a 80% or higher to pass. NOTE: You may take the test as many times as necessary.
  4. Submit Driver's Test Completion Form.

Trip Discounts

Alternative Breaks Trip Discounts will be available for all students selected to participate in an Alternative Breaks experience. The Alternative Breaks Trip Discount application will be sent by email to all students who have been offered a trip seat. Applications for a Trip Discount for Spring 2019 are available. These discounts are intended to support students who cannot afford the Alternative Breaks experience, and therefore we ask that students apply only if they are are experiencing financial need.

Last Updated: 5/29/19