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Purpose - Our "Why" 

In Alternative Breaks, we believe that a more diverse body of knowledge allows communities to grow, learn, and prosper together. We recognize that there is power in personal and communal narratives, and that this power can be shared among individuals and communities and leveraged toward JusticeFundamentally, we recognize that injustice exists and believe that Justice is possible. With the understanding that living things matter and have potential, humans have the capacity to effect the changes they feel are necessary in their communities.


Mission Statement

As a Bennion Center program, Alternative Breaks works to promote active citizenship through experiential, justice-based learning on school break experiences dedicated to full engagement and working in power with local and distant communities.



We envision a just world.



Our program is driven by a set of core values: Community, Love as Justice, Reflection to Action, Integrity,  Education, and Sustainability.

"School breaks last a week... Alternative Breaks last a lifetime."


Last Updated: 9/12/19