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Meet the Admin Team

Considering themselves perhaps the luckiest people in the world, the Alternative Breaks Admin Team have the privilege of working with students, faculty, and staff across campus as they collaborate to create the transformative, justice-based community experiences that define the AB program. If you're looking to get involved with Alt Breaks or have questions about AB for credit, trip discounts, or how to utilize tire chains in inclement weather conditions, these are the folx to call!

Megan Bettilyon

Megan Bettilyon | Graduate Assistant

She, Her, Hers

801-581-4751 | 

Megan Bettilyon

I am a graduate student in the Education Leadership and Policy program, I love NPR, true crime podcasts and my favorite food is leftovers because everything tastes better after being in the fridge for a day or two. I have an English degree, so I love reading and all things literature related, which is anything with a story. I am excited to be involved in the AB program because I believe that getting out of your own community and your own comfort zone to share experiences with others is a great way to develop an empathetic view of the world.

Justin Swanger | Alternative Breaks Coordinator

He, Him, His

801-587-9027 |

Justin Swanger

Hey, all! I go by many names in the world of Alt Breaks—Dustin, Dusty Swag, JSwagg, and, of course, the classic "AB Coordinator." With love as my politic and idealism as my practice, I'm beyond excited to be able to join students in pushing the limits of community building in all of its many forms. Whether I'm in a minivan en-route to my next Alternative Break or binging Netflix, I am guided by my passions for education, literature, Justice, and cheesecake. I'm thrilled to be a part of the Bennion Center team and to coordinate the program that first taught me the meaning of community. My desk and schedule are always open for students and friends!

PC: Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Jr.

Last Updated: 6/12/19