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Bennion Boosters

"We are motivated to contribute to the Bennion Center because our modest donations are multiplied 1000-fold by the enormous contributions of time and effort by your student volunteers. The Bennion Center is a shining example of the generous community spirit that defines the core values of the University of Utah." - Bennion Booster

Pledge your support of at least $10/month or $120/year to receive special communications and event invitations. Your investment will support students like Nirali:

"The thing I love about the Bennion Center is that I learn so much like public speaking, networking, and leadership skills. All these great experiences will help me be a better leader in the future."

Nirali Patel, Environmental Action Team Program Director


To make monthly donations of $10 (or more) to join Bennion Boosters:

  1. Fill out the Bennion Boosters Pledge Agreement Form
  2. Mail to the U of U Development Office - P.O. Box 410481, Salt Lake City, UT 84141-0481
  3. Feel good about joining Bennion Boosters and look forward to a special event invitations and communications!

Bennion Boosters are our wonderful donors who are the backbone of our organization because:

Their support helps provide the stable funding needed to make a positive change in our community, elevate the public discourse around important issues, and engage more U students in community service. Their support allows us to budget for the long-term, operate at a high level and not fall victim to shifting institutional priorities or grant cycles. We need to retain our quality staff, a steady stream of supplies, and financial assistance for our students who give so much to their community. 

It's a way for people of ordinary means to give extraordinary gifts. By making a monthly sustaining gift to the Bennion Center you can make a larger impact that you might be able to make in a single annual gift.

Grassroots giving means grassroots engagement. We've always believed, like John Dewey, that democracy must be born anew in each generation, we cannot take it for granted. Our communities can only truly be transformed through the power of all of us working together. We believe in the power of student engagement, volunteers, and donors giving small amounts, coming together to work for positive community change. 

Last Updated: 5/29/19