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Service With A Smile:
New Miss Utah a Bennion Center Alum

As a part of her upcoming work as Miss Utah, Jesse Craig has chosen to advocate for her platform, “Get Up and Serve: Increasing Young Adult Involvement,” to highlight the importance of community service for young adults. Jesse chose this platform because of her own experiences with community service: “At the beginning of college, I was consumed with everything that was about me: my major, scholarships, membership dues, etc. I started getting involved by performing my violin for the residents in a local rest home, and I began to notice differences in both my peers and myself after we performed. I wanted to continue to help other young adults to get involved despite the fact that we live in a very self-centric time.”

Jesse Craig recently graduated from the University Of Utah with an Honors Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in Economics. When she wasn’t busy studying, Jesse got involved with the Associated Students of the University of Utah (ASUU), the Union Programing Council (UPC), and the Bennion Center.

Jesse served on ASUU’s First Year Council as a freshman, was a University College Assembly member and the Vice President of Appropriations on the Assembly Rules as a sophomore, and served as the Vice Chair of the Community Service Board on ASUU’s Philanthropy and Service Board during her junior year. Also during her junior year, Jesse was the Associate Director of the Development Board for UPC. Lastly, as a senior, Jesse served as the Director of Community Service for UPC and was the Campus Community Outreach Liaison for the Bennion Center.

Being involved in so many wonderful organizations defined Jesse’s time at the University of Utah. Although Jesse notes that her involvements allowed her to to gain “experience in marketing, fundraising, event planning, networking, and promoting community service,” she realized that the best parts of being involved on campus were the people she had the opportunity to meet and become friends with: “I’ll forever miss the late night delirium that came after working Crimson Nights, weeding and making new friends at Legacy of Lowell, and so much more!”

By serving with ASUU, UPC, and the Bennion Center, Jesse began to shift her focus onto others and worked to improve their lives. Jesse believes that “our lives develop a greater purpose” when we focus on helping others.

If you want to help others get involved with community service, Jesse recommends that you serve as an example. Tell your friends that you are volunteering and invite them to come with you. Additionally, helping others find their passion in community service can help inspire them to form a habit of volunteering. Whether it’s through helping children, increasing literacy, or improving sustainability, all forms of community service can make a huge impact in the lives of others.

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