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Service that Suits Your Style

Getting back to school is hard, but these students are ready for the upcoming year with volunteering! Planned by the Bennion Center’s Student Board, student leaders gathered together to spread the word about the programs and projects offered through the Bennion Center. The annual Student Board Welcome features leaders from different areas of the service to showcase a variety of opportunities allowing students to become more involved in the community. 

If you’re looking for volunteer activities during Fall or Spring break, Alternative Break trips are a great opportunity. Planned around community projects researched by student site leaders, the projects range from focusing on identity and environmental exploration in San Rafael Swell to homelessness and affordable housing in Seattle. From the list of projects, you can choose between week-long and weekend trips with trip discounts available on the Bennion Center website. Look out for the Alternative Spring Break trip applications starting on September 22, 2018!

There are also student-directed programs for students looking for a specific area to volunteer in. These programs work with local community partners throughout the year in 6 different areas including: arts and recreation, education and advocacy, health and ability, international service, social justice, and sustainability and food justice. Each program area has several projects that will allow you to explore different volunteer opportunities and find out what interests you!

Getting involved in the community can happen in many ways including one of the Bennion Center’s community outreach programs called Project Youth. Project Youth is aimed towards encouraging 5thand 6thgraders to begin thinking about and giving them the option of college. With this program, student leaders are gathered together to help inform at elementary schools and on Reading Day in Spring 2019, students from these elementary schools are brought to the U for a tour. If you’re interested in becoming a Project Youth School Team Leader, applications are open until September 26, 2018 on the Bennion Center website!

Another way to get involved in the community is through the Utah Reads Tutoring program. This program works with the University of Utah Reading Clinic (UURC) to provide tutoring to elementary school students in one of the site partners. This opportunity is good for work-study students looking for a way to be involved in the community at the same time but is also a good opportunity for students who would just like to volunteer. This program also partners with Americorps, where students who are interested in dedicating 300 or more hours of service to one community partner are given a certificate of national service and an education award.

One more program that students can look into is called Bennion Center Scholars. The Bennion Center Scholars is a program that allows students to utilize their degree to become engaged in the community while still in school. With this program, students will create a capstone project while working with a faculty mentor and community partner to address a real social concern in the community. This program requires that students have at least two full academic years left until graduation. 

If you want to learn more about any of these programs visit the Bennion Center in the Union in room 101! We hope that you find something that you’re interested in and continue making a difference in the community.

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Last Updated: 10/1/18