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Days for Girls Now in Service Corner

"Every girl. Everywhere. Period."

The Service Corner has expanded its offerings for drop-in service by partnering with Days for Girls. According to the Days for Girls website, women and girls around the world resort to using rags, banana leaves, and even cow dung to manage their menstruation. Many girls miss school or quit altogether because they are ashamed and unable to manage their periods. The organization helps girls stay in school by providing a safe, washable and long-lasting maxi-pads as an alternative to menstrual hygiene needs. 

Days for Girls uses volunteers to cut and sew the washable pads out of fabric. Student Omar Huq arranged to bring some of the pre-assembly (no sew) work to the Bennion Center so students could drop in any time and work on the kits.

Days for Girls is bringing freedom and opportunity to women and girls around the world by changing the menstrual narrative from shame to dignity.  The organization has reached girls in more than 100 countries, providing kits and health education. Their motto is, “Every girl. Everywhere. Period.”

For more information on the Service Corner email Debbie Hair at To learn more about Days for Girls visit their website.

Student Omar Huq (wearing a black hoodie on the right) works with other students at a recent Saturday Service Project to make femine hygiene kits for Days for Girls. The project is now available for drop-in volunteer service at the Service Corner. 

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Last Updated: 6/11/19