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Hopefully your Thanksgiving weekend was filled with a mountain of turkey and potatoes. And hopefully that Thanksgiving was also filled with many reasons to be thankful. During this time of year it’s important to remember the things that we sometimes forget about. With Christmas right around the corner, it’s also a time to give, and The Bennion Center is gearing up a new program that allows for just that.

“Bennion Boosters is our 30th anniversary fundraising campaign to Honor the Legacy, Fund the Future. We hope to empower alumni and supporters to give back as donors to the student volunteer programs they loved when they were at the U,” says Morgan Byrne, the Bennion Center’s development director. “Bennion Boosters are the wonderful monthly donors who give at least $10/month (or $120/year) to provide stable funding to make positive change in our community, elevate the public discourse around important issues, and engage more U students in community service.”

This wonderful program allows people to show their personal thanks to the programs they care most about. “People give because they care and because we can’t help but feel good when we give back. The Bennion Center has been around for 30 years thanks to the generosity and support of individuals, corporations and foundations. We believe in the power of student engagement, volunteers and donors coming together to work for positive community change.” Byrne stated recently.

 This project raises an astounding amount for community effort each year. Last year alone, the Bennion Center raised $242,000 in gifts and grants. This year the Bennion Center’s goal is $300,000 in honor of its 30th anniversary.  

 What’s more, the money raised by this program goes directly into student programs. “Funding goes toward supplies and equipment for one-time and ongoing service projects, issue education events, leadership training for students serving as program directors and site leaders, and outreach to recruit more students to participate in Bennion Center programs,” Byrne says.

If you or anyone you know might be interested, here’s a breakdown of how to get involved. 

To make monthly donations of $10 (or more) to join Bennion Boosters:

  1. Call 801-581-3720 OR fill out the Bennion Boosters Pledge Agreement Form (but don’t fill out your credit card info) 
  2. Send to with a note asking the U’s Development Office to call you to get your credit card info.
  3. As a Bennion Booster, you will also be invited to a special event in spring 2018 as a thank you for your involvement!

To make a one-time gift here.  

There are so many reasons to get involved, but one of the best is knowing you are helping community involvement and student service.

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