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30logo Bennion Center Advisory Board

The Bennion Center is guided by a volunteer advisory board. The men and women who comprise this board have distinguished themselves in education, business, community or family. They serve as a sounding board to help students and staff remain true to the Bennion Center’s mission as they participate in and implement programs throughout the year. In addition, advisory board members work side by side with students during service activities.They mentor students on civic practices, as well provide them with valuable networking opportunities.


Executive Committee

John Kesler, Chair                           Salt Lake Center for Engaging Community

John Bennion, PhD, Past Chair    Bennion Family Representative

Patti Clements                                 Community Resource

Jorge Fierro                                        Owner, Rico’s Brands

Heidi Hall                                           Intermountain Healthcare

Aimee McConkie                              Utah Financial Services Foundation

Heidi VanOtten                                 University Federal Credit Union

Kirk Weiler                                         WEX Bank


Members at Large

Todd Allen                                      Intermountain Healthcare

Martha Bradley-Evans, PhD        Senior Assoc. Vice President, Academic Affairs

Elizabeth Craig                               Select Health

Suzanne Hawker                            Community Resource

Robin Hough                                  Community Resource

Charlotte Jacobsen                         Community Resource

Michael Larice                                College of Architecture

Haloti Liava’a                                   Horizonte School

Charlie Luke                                   Salt Lake City Council

Beth Martial                                    English Skills Learning Center

Sarah Morton                                  University Neighborhood Partners

Alan Monsen                                   Goldman Sachs

Anthony Fratto Oyler                     ASUU Student Representative

Mike Williams                                  Salt Lake City School District



Phillip Clinger                                 University of Utah Board of Trustees

Richard Jacobsen                            Bennion Center Founder

Kathryn Lindquist                          Retired faculty, University of Utah

Lon Richardson, Jr.                         Community Resource



Kari Ellingson                                 Associate VP, U of U Student Development

Barb Snyder                                    Vice President, U of U Student Affairs

Last Updated: 1/6/17