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30logo Bennion Center 30th Anniversary

                The Lowell Bennion Community Service Center has been changing lives since 1987. Working with dozens of community partners, students at the University of Utah have spent the last three decades donating more than a million hours in service that improves the quality of life in our community, enhances learning, and promotes student success both on the campus and off.

                Join us! Make a difference by volunteering. We can help you find the opportunity that fits your family, your interests or your availability. Share your experiences with #keepgoodgoing or #goodtogive. Thank you! And here’s to another 30 years of service.

Values & History

Why we serve and how we got our start.



Events & Service Projects

Get involved by participating in events and service projects



Media Kit


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Lowell's Legacy

Making a Difference

Leading Way

Last Updated: 1/2/18