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Student Leader Applications


Still Accepting Applications for these positions

Coordinators mentor and support student Program Directors within a Bennion Center Issue Area (Advocacy, Arts & Recreation. Education, Health &Wellness, Mentorship, and Sustainability & Food Justice) to create quality experiences for volunteers and meaningful community impact. Additionally, the Coordinator works with his/her/their respective staff partner to support the needs of Community Partners. 
Coordinator's time commitment averages 5-10 hours per week. The position is expected to be held from March 2021 - April 2022 including the summer months. 

2021-2022 IAC Openings:  
-Advocacy (Position available!)
-Arts & Recreation 
- Health & Wellness 
-Sustainability & Food Justice

In addition to the general duties of Bennion Center student leader, Issue Area Coordinators are expected to: 
  • Attend weekly meetings with your staff partner. 
  • Attend weekly Issue Area meetings with the Community Partnership Programs Leadership Team. 
  • Communicate regularly with Partnership Liaisons regarding current deadlines, priorities, training opportunities, etc. 
  • Periodically check-in with student Partnership Liaisons on one-on-one meetings. 
  • Manage and utilize budgets. 
  • Review community partner applications for selection as relevant. 
  • Hold a weekly office hour. 
  • Submit monthly hour logs. 
  • Mentor and guide student Partnership Liaisons to manage successful programs and develop into effective leaders. This includes, but is not limited to, assisting with Volunteer Interest Forms (VIF), VIF and hours tracking, e-mail correspondence, calendaring, training, meeting facilitation, conflict resolution, volunteer management, ensuring accountability, goal setting and fostering collaboration. 
  • Participate in Community Partner Agreement meetings within your issue area (3 meetings/year per program). 
  • Support Bennion Center outreach efforts at least four hours/year (2 hours a semester). 
  • Participate in the Partnership Liaisons selection process for each program within your issue area, in collaboration with the respective staff partner, during the months of March & April 2021. 
  • Participate in and support the student leadership transition process during spring semester. 
  • Participate in Legacy of Lowell (Fall Semester) and MLK (Spring Semester) Saturday Service Projects.
  • Assist with transition and onboarding of Partnership Liaisons 
  • Coordinate and facilitate “Guide to Getting Started” with each student Partnership Liaisons within your issue area. 
  • Plan and co-facilitate training/leadership workshops throughout the year (1 per semester). 
  • Plan and facilitate monthly meetings with student Partnership Liaisons.

Advocacy Issue Area Community Partners

  1. American Red Cross
  2. Best Friends Animal Society
  3. Catholic Community Services
  4. Health Access Project
  5. International Rescue Committee
  6. Ronald McDonald House
  7. Take Care Utah
  8. Youth Resource Center

Partnership Liaisons manage ongoing volunteer programs with local community organizations and schools. Partnership Liaisons work with a student coordinator (Issue Area Coordinator) and Bennion Center staff partner to best serve the needs of community partners and other volunteers. It is strongly recommended that prospective Partnership Liaisons volunteer with or visit the community partner prior to applying for this position.  

Partnership Liaisons are expected to serve 5-10 hours a week, depending on the program. Some programs may also require engagement during the summer months (see application for details). 

In addition to the general duties of a Bennion Center student leader, Partnership Liaisons are expected to: 
  • Volunteer regularly within the respective program (see Volunteer Interest Form for a description of each program). 
  • Recruit, orient, train, and retain volunteers as necessary for your program.  
  • Respond to prospective Volunteer Interest Forms (VIFs) within 24-48 hours. 
  • Maintain regular communication with your respective staff partner, community partner, and Issue Area Coordinator. 
  • Complete all required Community Partner Agreement meetings by the established deadlines. 
  • Maintain a VIF tracking spreadsheet (a database of all prospective, current, and past volunteers, including contact information and university ID). 
  • Track and submit monthly hours served within your program by Bennion Center volunteers. 
  • Attend monthly meetings facilitated by your Issue Area Coordinator. 
  • Perform the duties required by the specific program (see specific program description for details). 
  • Be a Bennion Center Ambassador: build an in-depth understanding of the programs and opportunities at the Bennion Center 
  • Complete Motor Pool certification (or identify yourself as a non-driver) 
  • Complete Youth Protection requirements (applies to certain programs only)  

  • 1 Office Hour (Front Desk or Programming) 
  • Program Commitment (with Community Partner) 
  • Issue Area Meeting 
  • Hours Logs/Reflections 
  • Attend Legacy of Lowell Saturday Service Project (Fall) & MLK Saturday Service Project (Spring) 
  • 1 Leadership Workshop (per semester) 
  • 2 hours outreach (per semester) 
  • Student Leader Orientation (Dates TBD)  
  • 3 Community Partner Agreement meetings per academic year.


ESL Guadalupe
On average, how many hours a week should a Program Liaison expect to commit to this program?
Volunteering is 2 hours a week. Additional responsibilities about 3 hours per week.

Who does your program serve? 
Low income adult immigrants who want to learn English

Are there specific days/times that you must be available?
We would like our PL to be available as a volunteer on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 7-9 PM

What are your unique duties as the Program Liaison that are separate from your Bennion Center-specific responsibilities?
Being a tutor of English to a small group of Guadalupe adult students.  


Maliheh Free Clinic (Spanish fluency preferred)
On average, how many hours a week should a Program Liaison expect to commit to this program?
6 hours 

Who does your program serve? 
Underserved and under-resourced members of the community 

Are there specific days/times that you must be available?

What are your unique duties as the Program Liaison that are separate from your Bennion Center-specific responsibilities?
Record total service hours, orient new volunteers to the program, recruitment efforts. 


Girl Scouts Outreach
On average, how many hours a week should a Program Liaison expect to commit to this program?
2-4 hours 

Who does your program serve? 
Girl Scouts members ages 5-17 in Title I elementary schools and community centers

Are there specific days/times that you must be available?
The majority of troops meet between 1:30pm and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. Outreach troops generally meet one hour per week (plus any preparation time) for the duration of the program.

What are your unique duties as the Program Liaison that are separate from your Bennion Center-specific responsibilities?
If not already, you must apply to be a troop leader.


Meals on Wheels

On average, how many hours a week should a Program Liaison expect to commit to this program? 

6-7 hours 

Who does your program serve? 

We deliver meals to individuals, mostly seniors, whoare unable to get or prepare meals on their own. 

Are there specific days/times that you must be available? 

Very flexible, once a week, pick a weekday to volunteer for the rest of the semester, anytime between 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM. 

What are your unique duties as the Program Liaison that are separate from your Bennion Center-specific responsibilities?  

-Try to have a small conversation with the person you are delivering to. That's one of the best parts of delivering. 

-The hardest part is to keep in touch with the volunteers, try your best to do so, it'll make the job easier to know what your volunteers are up to. 

-Reward the volunteers, Example: Holidays, or who delivered the most hours of the month gets a reward, so the volunteers can feel somewhat motivated. 

-If you don't know something, ask the staff partner or the community partner, keep in touch with them. 

-Do cover shifts if possible. 

-And just have fun with the program.

Site Coordinators

Position Description  

Under the oversight of the Utah Reads Program ManagerUtah Reads Site Coordinators are responsible for ensuring the overall quality of the tutoring program at one elementary school or community agency. The Site Coordinator provides the on-going support necessary for tutors to fulfill the mission and objectives of the Utah Reads programThis includes working with site administration to ensure effective tutoring strategies are in place. Students applying for this position need to be qualified to receive work-study funding from the financial aid department. Preference given to students with experience with Utah Reads or Next Steps training. 

 Primary Job Responsibilities  

  • Manage the daily activities of the tutoring program and the 5-10 tutors at the site  
  • Facilitate communication between tutors, the coordinator, and school staff  
  • Coordinate with school staff to manage schedules and pair tutors according to the needs of all parties  
  • Perform placement assessments for students
  • Attend and participate in weekly meetings  
  • Complete tutor evaluations and assist with intervention of performance issues  
  • Complete lesson observations and provide feedback.  

Additional Job Responsibilities  

  • Maintain records of tutoring and progress monitoring 
  • Support tutor efforts by providing meaningful teaching strategies and trouble-shooting specific issues  
  • Facilitate monthly site meetings 
  • Lead, participate in, and assist with development of tutor training program  
  • Promote socially conscious tutoring through facilitating discussions and reflections 
  • Review tutors’ lesson plans and provide feedback  
  • Develop school program and ensure adherence to policies  
  • Support other Bennion Center programs, attend BC Student Leader Orientation.   
  • Other duties as assigned 

Required Qualifications  

  • Must be awarded work-study funds from the Financial Aid Department  
  • Able to commit 10-12 hours a week to the program (some flexibility in schedule).  
  • Experience working in the Utah Reads program and/or the Next Steps program 
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills  
  • 1 year commitment to the position 
  • Own transportation or UTA  

Preferred Qualifications  

  • Experience in facilitating meetings, reflections of service or discussions of social issues  
  • Patience and ability to work in a variety of settings with a variety of individuals (i.e. classroom, after-school program, children, teachers, school administration, college students).  


  • Hourly starting wage of $12.00+ with  potential for a raise every semester 
  • Valuable, applied administrative leadership experience and training  
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Experience working with administration in an education environment 
  • More involvement in the Bennion Center 
  • Be a part of the overall development of children and college student tutors  

Tutoring Locations

  • Bennion Elementary
  • Glendale Community Learning Center
  • Liberty Elementary
  • Mary Jackson Elementary
  • Mountain View Elementary
  • Neighborhood House Association
  • Parkview Elementary
  • Riley Elementary

If you have questions, please contact Asma Hassan, 801-585-9101, 

Members of the Scholars Leadership Team (SLT) support Bennion Scholars at the University of Utah within the Bennion Center. The objective of an SLT member is to act as a part of a support network for current and potential scholars and to work closely with the Bennion Scholars Program Manager in administrative tasks and program development. 

General Requirements for all Scholar Leadership Team members are:

  • Be a current Bennion Scholar and hold a good standing in meeting program requirements.
  • Attend and participate in the Transition Meeting (time/date TBD, end of semester)
  • Actively engage in regularly scheduled Scholars Leadership Team meetings (usually weekly) and complete tasks between meetings. 
  • Hold weekly office hour during the academic year.
  • Help recruit new Bennion Scholars through info sessions, word of mouth, socials, etc.
  • Mentor and support other Bennion Scholars in fulfilling program requirements.
  • Attend Legacy of Lowell Day of Service (September), Scholars Conference (first Saturday of November), Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service (January), and other Scholars Events.
  • Be aware of and communicate opportunities related to community engagement (potential workshops, community partners, service projects, etc.) to students and the Bennion Scholars Program Manager.
  • Execute other tasks/assignments according to the needs of the program.

SLT candidates will be asked about their top 2 position preferences.


Create Scholars marketing plan and materials (ads, posters, videos). Produce and post content for the website and social media. Coordinate content with the Bennion Center Communications Team. 

Preference given to those with graphic design, videography, photography, and/or other marketing experience.



Last Updated: 7/28/21