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Student Scholarships, Stipends, & Awards



The “Helping Hand Scholarship Fund” was created in honor of Irene Fisher, founding executive director of the Bennion Center, and her legacy. Its purpose is to provide a “helping hand” to students in need of financial support as they fulfill their community engagement commitments on our campus and in our community. This scholarship aims to eliminate barriers to participation in community engagement, especially barriers that disproportionately affect students of color. Support is provided by the University of Utah Office of Alumni Relations.

Please note that scholarships range from $50-$500 and limited funding is available. Please ask for what you need. Because our resources are limited and we aim to ensure support is given where it is most impactful, we ask that any student completing the application do so with integrity—authenticity to their self and their experiences. Applicants are encouraged to take their time to provide honest responses to each of the questions below.  Also, please note that funding for project/program implementation will not be approved.

Recipients are selected who

  • Have an interest in pursuing community engagement that is limited by financial barriers


  • Have a demonstrated commitment to community engagement

Preference will be given to students who have a need related to fulfilling academic expenses and/or those currently involved with the Bennion Center. In the event of insufficient funding to meet all requests, preference will be given as noted above.

Recipients will receive

  • A scholarship of up to $500 per semester to support the recipient in their community engagement endeavors.
      • Applicants should plan to reapply each semester.

Application Dates

  • Fall 2021
    • Opens: Monday, August 2nd
    • Closes: Sunday, August 22nd (11:59 pm)
  • Spring 2022
    • Opens: Wednesday, December 29th (11:59 pm)
    • Closes: Sunday, January 9th (11:59 pm)
  • Summer 2022:
    • Opens: TBD
    • Closes: TBD

For more information or if you need accommodations to complete the application, contact:
BobbiJo Kanter, 801.585.9103
Associate Director
Bennion Center

Please note that all applications will be reviewed anonymously—names, uNIDs, and contact information will not be shared with the review committee. The Bennion Center's Associate Director and Administrative Assistant will see and use this information to create and award scholarships. Student names and UNIDs may also be shared with the Alumni Association as part of this scholarship partnership.


*Only open to Service House Residents and may only be used for housing costs*

The Telitha E. Lindquist Community Service Scholarship offers service-focused awards for University of Utah students who have exhibited commitment to community service. This need- and merit-based scholarship will be for students selected to be service house residents, with preference given to students involved in the Bennion Center. This scholarship can only be used for service house residential living expenses. If you are interested in living in the service house and applying for a Lindquist scholarship, please contact Bryce Williams, 801-581-8436.

Nationally, over 800,000 AmeriCorps members have helped meet the nation’s critical needs in public safety, education, human needs, and the environment since 1994. The Bennion Center offers an educational award in partnership with the national AmeriCorps program. Students may receive approximately $1,200 in exchange for 300 hours of community service documented within twelve months. The education award may be used to repay certain student loans, pay existing tuition cost, pay for expenses for continuing education after graduation, or saved for up to seven years! If you are interested in joining the AmeriCorps program through the Bennion Center, contact Asma Hassan, an AmeriCorps Campus Coordinator, via email or phone (801-585-9101) to start the conversation about what service you are doing and how it might work with an AmeriCorps term.


Stipend Opportunities

Housing and Residential Education at the University of Utah offers many Resident Advisor (RA) positions throughout all of student housing. The Bennion Center Service House on Officers Circle is afforded one RA position. Housing and meal plan costs for the academic year are covered by Housing and Residential Education. The RA is directly accountable to housing for many of their responsibilities. The Bennion Center works with housing to have the RA meet programming needs for the house residents. For more information about how to apply to be the Resident Advisor through Housing and Residential Education for the Bennion Center Service House, please contact Bryce Williams, 801-581-8436.

*Tutors must qualify for federal work study funding.*

This program is available for University of Utah students that qualify for Federal Work Study funding through financial aid. This is not a stipend position, but an employment opportunity for students who are interested in earning their funds by working in the community. Students who qualify are eligible to work up to 20 hours a week starting at $11.00 an hour as a tutor at one of nine education sites. For more information about Utah Reads, please contact Asma Hassan, 801-581-9101.




Every fall semester, in partnership with the Utah Athletics Department, the Bennion Center seeks applications to recognize student athletes at the U for their outstanding commitment to civic engagement, exemplary ethic of service, and the lasting legacy that they created in their community for others to follow.

Applications open in October.

Every spring, the Bennion Center celebrates 10 student leaders as recipients of the Exceptional Community Engagement award. This award is intended to recognize students who take action in pursuit of long-term positive social change, inspire and engages others, demonstrates efforts to sustain their work through developing strategies for institutional and community commitment, and exhibits motivation and potential for effective long-term civic engagement.

To review the application, nominate a student, or apply:

Please note that you will be asked to respond to the following reflection as part of your application as well as provide a reference who can speak to your experience:

How did you demonstrate exceptionalism within your program(s)? Please keep in mind the following criteria for your response: (1500 character limit)

This award recognizes a student who:

  • Takes action in pursuit of long-term positive social change
  • Inspires and engages others
  • Demonstrates efforts to sustain their work through developing strategies for institutional and community commitment
  • Exhibits motivation and potential for effective long-term civic engagement

The deadline for the Exceptional Community Engagement Award is as follows:

  • All students (except those wishing to include their 2021 Alternative Spring Break experience) Sunday, March 21st, 11:59 pm)
  • Spring 2021 Alternative Breaks program.  (Due Monday, March 29th, 11:59 pm)
Last Updated: 8/5/21